‘Watch Dogs’ Release Date Supposedly Close, Could Aim For Disturbing Realism

The Watch Dogs release date is supposedly coming in the second quarter of this year, and Ubisoft seems to be aiming for a disturbing sense of realism. Other open world games seem to give gamers the chance to be bad with next to no consequences, but Watch Dogs is expected to change that.

Even though Aiden Pearce, the game’s protagonist, is technically just as much an antihero as any of the assassins in that other Ubisoft series, he will also be subjected to the same rules of reality that Ubisoft aims for in every game. Every hack you can pull off in Watch Dogs is apparently possible in real life, even though for the sake of the game, it’s made easier. If it made you hack everything realistically, it would actually be pretty boring.

The delay of the Watch Dogs release date was supposedly done to add polish to the game. In the ensuing months, not much has been released about the game’s story. For now all we know is that vigilante Aiden Pearce is a man on a mission to show the world just how easy it is to take over a city that’s apparently connected by a network system known as CtOS.

The details are where the sense of consequence tends to set in, as you hack into a man’s bank account and drain it, and then check his SMS messages to discover he’s worried about his finances. You might end up feeling a little guilty about the lives you may be ruining with every hack you pull off to further your own cause. The game might convince you occasionally that those NPCs are actual people.

Between Ubisoft’s tendency to go for realism and the Edward Snowden scandals that had arisen around the same time the game was announced, the actions you take could have disturbing results.

Another detail being used to push the realism of the game is that if you wander the streets of Chicago with a weapon drawn, others might back away and some might even call the police. You really have to watch what you do if you don’t want to create too many problems for yourself or others. Your sense of morality could actually be tested if you think about what you’re doing.

When the Watch Dogs release date hits, you might just get a feel of how you might act if the virtual world had actual consequences. That traffic jam you might cause just to stop the police from hunting you down could result in finding a text message later from someone who got in trouble at work because he was late for an appointment due to traffic.

Prepare to have your morality tested when the Watch Dogs release date supposedly arrives in March.