Jelly Belly Debuts Draft Beer Flavor Jelly Bean

Jelly Belly Candy Co. has gone and gotten creative once again and have announced their newest flavor: draft beer. Yep! You heard that right, Jelly Belly has come out with a beer flavored jelly bean.

The new Jelly Belly flavor debuted at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, along with their new chocolate-covered Tabasco flavored jelly bean according to TIME. These new flavors are said to appeal more to adults.

Rob Swaigen, Jelly Belly’s vice president of marketing, told TODAY, “Our fans have been asking for a beer Jelly Bean for years. It took a few years to perfect, but we think we got it right.” The company released a statement on their website this past Saturday which gave the public a little more information on their new creation.

“This took about three years to perfect,” says Ambrose Lee, research and development manager for Jelly Belly Candy Company. “The recipe includes top secret ingredients, but I can tell you it contains no alcohol.”

No alcohol? Well that’s sort of obvious, but it’s sure to take some of the adult theme fun out of Jelly Belly’s new flavor. The draft beer flavored jelly bean is said to taste like beer, but there have been many mixed reviews on the actual flavor. The company’s press release said that the jelly bean has a wheat flavor with a “touch of sweetness,” and that they have a “mildly bready” smell to them.

“I love the flavors in a good beer and Jelly Belly has managed to get that from brew to bean in an incredible way,” says Jackie Dodd, beer expert, cookbook author, and the voice behind the popular cooking with craft beer blog The Beeroness. “Jelly Belly found a way to fit 15 pints in the palm of your hand, they deserve an award.”

So what do you think of Jelly Belly’s new draft beer flavored jelly bean? Take a look at what the Twitter universe has to say about the new beer bean:

Jelly Belly’s new draft beer flavored jelly beans can be bought on their website and will be making their way to store shelves throughout 2014.

[Image via Jelly Belly YouTube]