Pizza Hut Introducing Imperfections Into Its Hand-Tossed Pies

If your recent Pizza Hut hand-tossed pie looks a little imperfect, then it's because the company intentionally made the pizza look a little rough around the edges.

In an effort to make their creations appear a bit more authentic, the restaurant is adding a few imperfections to their hand-tossed crusts. According to The Associated Press, Pizza Hut describes these changes as "lighter" and "airier." All of these alterations are lovingly topped off with a new garlic butter seasoning.

"What we want to highlight is that these really are handcrafted. We're encouraging them to make sure they make each pizza one of a kind," Pizza Hut's Carrie Walsh explained.

Walsh added that the company's employees were officially instructed to have "more freedom" when forming the crusts. Instead of giving everyone the impression that some mechanical pizza-slinging monstrosity creates their product, the idea is to give customers the impression than each delicious offering is handmade.

Should patrons walk away from the experience filled with disappointment, Pizza Hut will give them another pie absolutely free. The company seems absolutely certain that folks will seriously enjoy the lighter crust and intentional imperfections.

Curious pizza fans and adventurous eaters can purchase a pie featuring the new hand-tossed crust for $10. It doesn't matter what size you're after -- you're only going to pay $10. Of course, this pricing scheme could disappear without a moment's notice. Enjoy the airier crust at this introductory price while you can.

The new hand-tossed crust isn't the only thing the folks at Pizza Hut are cooking up. The Inquisitr previously reported that the company introduced a by-the-slice model in two states. If everything goes swimmingly, then the slices could arrive in other parts of the country.

Pizza Hut spokesman Doug Terfehr recently told Bloomberg that Rhode Island and Nebraska were selected because of their cultural diversity. This effectively allows the company to judge customer interest in the slices without opening multiple locations throughout the US.

He explained:

"We wanted to test these in cities where people work and live, as well as locations that were quite different from one another. Our heritage is in the Midwest, so we wanted to get a sense for how that consumer would respond. And pizza by a slice is more common on the East Coast, so we wanted an idea of how consumers who already enjoy pizza this way would think of the concept."

Are you planning to try Pizza Hut's new hand-tossed crust? What do you think about the restaurant adding imperfections to make the pies look more authentic?

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