Michael Douglas Reportedly Divorcing Catherine Zeta-Jones After Golden Globes Snub

Michael Douglas may be done with his attempt to reconcile with Catherine Zeta-Jones after she refused to attend the Golden Globes with him, a new report says.

The two had been slowly repairing their broken relationship, which came to light over the summer with reports that the two were headed toward divorce. But neither of them actually filed for divorce, and reports late last year said that Douglas was spending more time with Zeta-Jones in an attempt to repair their marriage.

But that may be lost now after Catherine Zeta-Jones refused to attend the Golden Globe Awards with Michael Douglas. According to a report from the National Enquirer, Michael was upset that Catherine couldn’t be bothered to attend the awards to support Michael, whose film Behind The Candelabra won the award for best television movie.

Michael Douglas still thanked Catherine Zeta-Jones in his acceptance speech, but sources said he was telling friends that he felt like he was single.

The report comes after what seemed to be a reconciliation for Catherine and Michael. Over the holidays he began visiting her daily, making pancakes for her in the morning in the couple’s penthouse overlooking Central Park. He also remained active with their two children, 13-year-old Dylan and 10-year-old Carys.

But even as he did this work, a source told the UK’s Mirror that Michael still had a lot of work to do.

“Michael would give his right arm for a reconciliation but Catherine’s warned she is not ready to commit and she’s still not ruled out divorce,” the source said, adding that Catherine is still angry for a remark Michael made that oral sex may have been the cause of his recent bout with tongue cancer.

The source added: “She nursed him through those dark days when cancer almost took his life and she feels the comment about oral sex was like a kick in the teeth.”

Despite the Golden Globe rumors, Michael Douglas has still not filed divorce papers from Catherine Zeta-Jones.