Anna Trebunskaya’s Baby Daddy Is Boyfriend Nevin Millan

Anna Trebunskaya’s boyfriend Nevin Millan has been revealed as the father of her child.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when Anna Trebunskaya became pregnant she dropped from Dancing With The Stars but the odd part is that she didn’t want to reveal the identity of her child’s father:

“I would rather not talk about it. He’s a great guy and he’s very supportive of me. Let’s put it this way: I wouldn’t be as happy with the situation as I am if he wasn’t supportive. It’s a new journey for me, a new adventure.”

The reason behind all the drama was probably because she’d divorced her husband of nine years, Jonathan Roberts, only the year before. While this adventure wasn’t planned, when it did she was looking forward to it and said, “This is perfect — I’m ready to be a mom. This is something really good for me and fulfilling, and it’ll give me a whole new meaning in life.”

Now that her daughter Amalya Millan has been born the veil of secrecy and the happy couple has announced the birth together:

“”Anna Trebunskaya and boyfriend Nevin Millan welcomed their first child, daughter Amalya Millan, at a home birth on Saturday, Jan. 18…. We’re thrilled to welcome our beautiful, healthy baby into the world. We couldn’t be happier…. I’m looking forward to getting back into shape and dancing afterward and bringing the baby on board into the ‘DWTS’ family!”

Nevin Millan is an actor who has appeared in TV shows like True Blood, CSI: New York and Nip/Tuck.