Free File Tax Returns Won’t Begin Until January 31st [Video] allows taxpayers a free tax filing system through its e-filing method, which has been growing in popularity. But this year, taxpayers will have to wait a little longer to get the refunds some have been waiting anxiously for. The free tax filing system won’t begin accepting returns for 2013 taxes until January 31.

Last year’s government shutdown was the subject of blame for just about everyone’s problem from the NFL to the TSA. But as reported by The Iquisitrfollowing the October government shutdown, the IRS and their website,, will start accepting the filing of tax returns two weeks later than usual. The reason? The Internal Revenue Service needed those extra two weeks to run important tests to makes sure their computer systems were ready to handle the load.

While it may come as an inconvenience to taxpayers that were hoping to get their refunds early, the IRS is hoping to avoid the kind of chaos that has been associated with another government website, The IRS has successfully been accepting online free tax filing for several years now, so taxpayers should not face any issues.

If you can not wait until January 31 and are eager to complete your return now, IRS officials suggest picking up one of the many free filing software programs that help taxpayers file online. These companies will help you complete your tax returns now and hold them until January 31, when they will be automatically filed with the IRS. Visit the website for more information on free tax filing.

“Many tax preparers and tax software companies are now open for return preparation, including Free File,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “If you plan to get a head start on your taxes, remember to e-file. Electronic filing will allow software companies to hold your return and to automatically send it to the IRS on Jan. 31. There is absolutely no advantage to filing by paper. If you want to save money and time, just use Free File to prepare and e-file your federal return at no charge.”

There are 14 different software companies waiting to help you free file your taxes this year online. If you need to file state taxes, most of these companies offer that service as well. For those who would rather not use to file taxes for free, libraries and community organizations often offer free help on how to file taxes by paper.