Justin Bieber Declared Dream Date By Tennis Teen Star Eugenie Bouchard [Video]

Justin Bieber should be very flattered. He is the dream date of fellow Canadian, tennis star Eugenie Bouchard.

The glamour teen won her quarter-final match against Ana Ivanovic from a set down in the Australian Open on Monday, and is now the second Canadian to ever compete in a Grand Slam singles semi since Carling Bassett’s 1984 US Open.

But what many people are talking about is one particular answer Eugenie gave in her post-match interview.

“You’re getting a lot of fans here, a lot of them male,” an on-court reporter asked the new winner, referring to Bouchard’s fan club — the Genie Army.

“They want to know: if you could date anyone in the world of sport, of movies — I’m sorry they asked me to say this — who would you date?

Bouchard, paused momentarily, then put her hand to her face before laughingly answering, “Justin Bieber.”

Her response triggered some boos from her fans in the audience and some laughs too, most likely a result of Bieber’s year-plus transit in headlines around the world both on and off his Believe tour, and the latest fake texts, alleged drug abuse, egg-throwing frenzy.

The court reporter then said, “Justin, if you’re watching…” and panned the microphone back over to Bouchard, who — undaunted by the hostile reaction to her Bieber reply — looked into the camera, coyly waved, and said, “Um, hey.”

Eugenie Bouchard Fans - Genie Army

(Photo: Genie Army)

Since then, there’s been a lot of speculation on whether Bieber and Bouchard — both 19, both possibly single, and both beautiful — could become a thing.

The Herald Sun writes: “With the tennis player’s rising status both in Canada and around the world, they would make a high-profile power couple.

Some of the talk hasn’t been approving, but some Bieber fans seem open to the idea of him switching type from a raven-haired beauty in the same industry to an upcoming, champion blonde.


Some tennis fans were irate the question was even asked of Bouchard, and thought the same probe wouldn’t have been directed at a male player.

“RIDICULOUS,” tweeted Katarina Williams, a New Zealand sports reporter. “Was there nothing tennis-related she could’ve actually asked instead?”

While Rick VanSickle, an Ontario wine writer posted: “Bizarre question to ask an athlete after historic tennis win.”

As for Bouchard, she doesn’t appear to be letting the debate about her Bieber dream date get her down. Interviewed by the New York Times the day after her win, Eugenie was optimism itself.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to happen,” she told NYT’s Ben Rothenberg. “Yes. But I think I need to do something bigger to get his attention, like win a Slam, something like that. I won’t even have to do anything, and maybe he’ll just reach out, and we’ll tweet or something like that.”

Hear that Bieber? If you and Selena are done with Segways, Bouchard’s ready to win a slam and take on a world of boos for you.

Justin Bieber Is Fantasy Date Of Tennis Teen Eugenie Bouchard