June 29, 2017
'Batman Vs. Superman' Latest Rumors

A lot has been happening (or not happening) with the Man of Steel sequel, the untitled Batman vs. Superman.

After the shocking news that Warner Bros. was pushing back the production nearly a year came out over the weekend, other rumors have been fueling the fire in the desperate quest to find out something, anything about this much anticipated sequel.

Comic Book Movie via Dark Horizons has the latest information as they know it from trusted sources (we have to pass the time somehow, right?).

Perhaps what fans are more interested in knowing is whether Ben Affleck's reported injury is the reason behind the lengthy delay and the answer to that question is no. From information gathered by the site, Affleck had a minor injury to his ribs.

Even though it sounds bad for a guy that is supposed to be doing all kinds of stunts, it isn't. Reportedly, Batman Vs. Superman will use body doubles for Affleck. He is expected to be back to form sometime in April.

One of the reasons for the delay is rumored to be a visit to Wonder Woman's (Gal Galdot) home of Themyscira, the scenes will use very costly special effects.

In regards to Joaquin Phoenix, he is reportedly still the favorite candidate to play Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman.

In spite of some experts discounting the rumors that Batman vs. Superman and a potential Justice League movie would be shot back to back, the talk appears to be true, in part at least, it "is being considered but no official decision has been made at this time", the sources say.

The rumors about a cliffhanger at the end of the sequel are "very much true" if we are to believe these sources. DC Comics will start a different tradition than that of Marvel -- which ads cliffhangers in between final credits -- to include them at the end of Batman vs. Superman.

As far as the main character, Superman, played by British actor Henry Cavil who is reprising his role from Man Of Steel, he will sport shorter hair and the legendary lock.


Apparently, Batman vs. Superman is a working title, which will be changing to its final name in the next few months.

Pre-production for the film is in full swing -- even with the delay -- and some scenes have already been shot, including a football game between the fictional teams Gotham and Metropolis.

Last year a report in Den of Geek, revealed Kevin Smith has seen Ben Affleck's Batman costume and it is unlike anything else made for movies and "only Zack Snyder could have made such a unique sight possible."

Ben Affleck as Batman

All these rumors about Batman vs. Superman (hopefully we'll have that name soon), can only be taken with a grain of salt, even though some of these website are quite good at digging information from movie insiders. We will keep you posted as more firm news become available.