GOP Candidate Calls For Barack Obama To Be Hanged

President Barack Obama has been the target of all sorts of outrageous and bizarre verbal attacks from Republicans in his five years as the nation's chief executive. Now, a GOP candidate for the House of Representatives has done them all one better.

Joshua Black may be expecting a visit from the Secret Service soon. On his Twitter account Monday, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Black called for the hanging of Barack Obama.

"I'm past impeachment," Black wrote, quoted by the Tampa Bay Times. "It's time to arrest and hang him high."

Black, 31, resides in Florida. He is also a street evangelist who currently is employed as a taxi driver. He is running in the state's 68th District, which is located in the Gulf Coast city of St. Petersburg.

When a fellow Republican in the adjacent district spotted Black's seemingly insane Twitter comment about Barack Obama, he wanted to double check that the candidate wasn't just making an ill-advised joke.

Black definitely wasn't.

"You aren't seriously calling for the killing of Obama are you?" replied 67th-district candidate Chris Latvala. "I know you are crazy but good heavens. U R an embarrassment."

In a subsequent tweet, Latvala added, "I make it my business when so called GOP candidates become an embarrassment to my beloved party."

But Black wasn't backing down. He replied to Latvala, "execution is the appropriate punishment for traitors."

Black later told a reporter from the Tampa paper, to be sure no one misunderstood his message, "He should be executed for treason. I think the appropriate punishment is death. They killed Benedict Arnold. (Obama) shouldn't be allowed to kill Americans without a trial."

In a later Facebook post, Black said that the source of his "traitor" claim against Barack Obama is that the president allegedly authorized the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki and al-Awlaki's teenage son by a drone strike, the Think Progress web site reported.

Al-Awlaki was a senior Al Qaeda terrorist who was also an American citizen.

Told of Black's incendiary remarks, a local Republican official was distressed.

"It is impossible to accept this statement," said Michael Guju, whoG noted that there is no way that Black could know all the facts behind the drone killing of al-Awlaki. "This is wholly unacceptable and unduly provocative."