Chris Brown Returns To The Billboard Charts With Kid Ink’s ‘Show Me’

Chris Brown recently returned to the top of the Billboard charts.

While the singer is spending some time in rehab to deal with his anger management issues, his recent collaboration with Kid Ink found its way to the top of Rap Airplay Chart. To celebrate the accomplishment, Brown decided to share the news with his millions of followers on Twitter.

Here’s what Chris Brown had to say about “Show Me.”

The Rap Airplay Chart isn’t the only place Chris Brown and Kid Ink have found success in recent days. “Show Me” also landed at number three on Hot Rap Songs, number 40 on the Mainstream Top 40, and number 21 on the Hot 100 charts. The single also reportedly sold 500,000 copies overseas.

Kid Ink also collaborated with Chris Brown on the track “Main Chick.” The songs appear on the rapper’s album My Own Lane. Kid Ink said he was very pleased with their work.

“I went home confident with the records we had. I did three records with Chris Brown that night, and we had three records left. We were going through so many different things trying to get this tracklist and he ended up putting it on his [‘X Files EP’] tape, which was not the same version that I had on the album,” he said of recording “Main Chick.”

Although Chris Brown certainly has his fair share of detractors these days, there are still quite a few people who are fans of the singer’s work. When he finally completes his stint in rehab, Brown will begin putting the finishing touches on his long-delayed new album X. The songs should drop at some point this summer.

Songwriter Eric Bellinger told MTV News that fans will have plenty to celebrate when Chris Brown’s new record finally hits retail. In his opinion, the album will be worth the wait.

“I feel like Chris is dope because he’s really, really versatile. And he’s just growing a fan base to where his sound could be international. It could be ‘hood, it could be pop, it could be R&B, it could be rap,” Bellinger recently explained.

He continued, “So it’s definitely a bunch of different sounds, he’s been perfecting them. I definitely did a lot of work with Chris on ‘X’, for example ‘Fine China’, ‘Love More’ with Nicki Minaj, and then I got another song on there called ‘Add Me In’.'”

What do you think about Chris Brown returning to the Billboard charts with “Show Me”?