Burger King Tows Cars In New Hampshire, Little Old Ladies Get Really Upset

A Burger King location in Manchester, New Hampshire doesn’t have a problem towing your car if you’re not stopping by for a quick bite to eat. A group of “little old ladies” learned this lesson the hard way.

For over 20 years, a group of senior citizens used the Burger King parking lot as a place to stash their cars before hopping in a rented van for a trip to Boston. Although the restaurant allowed the women to use the lot for the better part of two decades, all of that good will recently came to a crashing halt.

When the 14 ladies returned to the Manchester Burger King parking lot after their adventure in Massachusetts, they discovered a tow truck driver loading their vehicles onto a flatbed. Not surprisingly, the women were extremely disappointed that the restaurant removed their cars without first giving them proper notice.

“Burger King should have put post-its under the windshield wipers [saying] don’t do it again. They couldn’t have been oblivious to the fact we’ve been doing this all these years… I think it was a dirty trick,” one of the women told the New Hampshire Union Leader.

However, the women admitted that Burger King recently put up some signs that suggested non-customers could have their cars removed from the lot without notice. Despite the signage, the women believe the restaurant should have asked them politely to stop parking there before towing away their vehicles.

Burger King reportedly decided to start cracking down on non-customers when a group of teenagers recently used the parking lot as their own personal vehicular playground. Since Bentley’s Towing driver Kris Hobbs felt guilty about loading the ladies’ cars onto the flatbed, he cut them a break on the towing fees.

“I felt horrible when they all showed up. They were sweet little old ladies,” Hobbs said.

One of the women said the group frequently purchases items from the Burger King location before heading out on the road. She also felt using the restaurant’s parking lot was essentially helping the restaurant in the long run.

“We look like we’re customers. We thought we were doing Burger King a favor; their parking lot is never full,” the woman explained.

Although the New Hampshire Union Leader attempted to contact the Burger King franchise owner, employees claimed they weren’t sure who operated the restaurant. Burger King hasn’t officially commented on the matter as of this writing. Chances are they won’t return to location to try out some of the fast food chain’s new value menu items.