Watch Didga, The Skateboarding Cat That Will Make Your Day! [VIDEO]

Check out Didga! She is one cool cat! Watch Didga jump a Rottweiler!

Whether cruising on her skateboard, Ollie, or hanging out with some of her four-legged friends, this fantastic feline is sure to capture your heart.

Didga (pronounced like "Didja eat yet?") is right around 2-years-old, having been rescued at 16 weeks by animal trainer Robert Dollwet in April, 2012. Robert is the man behind the YouTube channel CATMANTOO, where he offers cat training videos. Although he also operates Malibu Dog Training out of New South Wales, Australia, Didga is clearly the star here.

"I'm a professional animal trainer with a very talented cat named Didga. I have a few viral videos of my cats doing cool tricks & stunts," the official Facebook page says.

Dollwet announced today that he and Didga will be on Australia's "Sunrise" program tomorrow morning.

Don't you wish you had an awesome skateboarding cat like Didga?

Didga The Skateboarding Cat Cruising The Sidewalks