Kanye West Relied On ‘God, Sex, And Alcohol’ During Taylor Swift Backlash

Kanye West relied on a mix of “God, sex, and alcohol” to get through the backlash that followed his upstaging of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Music Awards.

The controversial rapper touched on a number of topics during his recent chat with 12 Years a Slave director Steven McQueen. Fans who are deeply interested in checking out all the juicy details should strongly consider picking up the latest issue of Interview magazine.

During his conversation with the filmmaker, Kanye West recalled the fallout that ensued after he infamously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Since a lot of people weren’t exactly pleased with his behavior, West faced a considerable amount of hatred from fans who felt unfairly stole the spotlight from the country music darling.

“I don’t have an addictive personality, so that means that I can lean on what might be someone else’s vice just enough to make it through to the next day,” Kanye West explained.

He continued, “You know, just enough religion, a half-cup of alcohol with some ice in it and a nice chaser, and then…”

Steve McQueen added, “A lot of sex.”

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In addition to discussing Kim Kardashian and his role as a father, Kanye West also discussed his recent Grammy snub. Although he tackled this topic during a concert last year, this is the first time he’s shared his feelings on the subject with a major publication.

“I’ve been nominated for Best Album maybe three times. I made ‘Dark Fantasy’ and ‘Watch the Throne’ less than a year apart and neither of them got nominated. ‘N****s in Paris’ [off ‘Watch the Throne’] wasn’t nominated for Best Song either,” West explained during his recent chat with Interview magazine.

The rapper added, “But let’s go into the fact that I have the most Grammys of any 36-year-old or 40-year-old or whatever, and I’ve never won a Grammy outside of the Rap or R&B categories. ‘Jesus Walks’ lost Best Song to some other song; ‘N****s in Paris’ wasn’t nominated in that category. But those are the labels that people want to put on you.”

Kanye West also believes that he’s a “broadcaster for futurism, for dreamers, [and] for people who believe in themselves.” At the end of the day, West believes it’s these folks who will eventually overpower those who want nothing more than to keep everyone boxed in.

“So I hope that there are people out there laughing. Laugh loud, please. Laugh until your lungs give out because I will have the last laugh,” the rapper said.

Check out the entire Kanye West chat in the latest issue of Interview magazine.