Steve Ballmer’s Employee Voted Approval Rating Sinks To All-Time Low

I recently reported that the Microsoft Board of Directors stood next to Steve Ballmer when investors began to call for his resignation as CEO of the one-time tech darling however everyday employees at the company seem much less smitten with their leader. A new quarterly poll of Ballmer’s popularity at the company shows that only 29% of Microsoft’s employees believe in their Chief Executive Officer.

In the second quarter of 2008 Ballmer’s forecast looked much different with 65% of the company’s employees support their head honcho, however as Apple has been named the top tech company in the world and Microsoft has fallen behind in the mobile and tablet fields his ratings have steadily declines according to more than 1,500 employees who have taken the quarterly assessment poll.

In comparison, Glassdoor, the company who handled the employee ratings system says Aple CEO Steve Jobs has an extremely impressive rating of 97-percent satisfied, while Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sits 84 percent.

News of the approval ratings mess doesn’t come at a good time for Ballmer as hedge fund manager David Einhorn has appeared to have made it his sole responsibility to have Ballmer replaced.

Here’s a closer look at how the CEO’s ratings have slipped every quarter since Q2 2008:

Steve Ballmer Approval Ratings Chart based on Microsoft Employee Voting