Purdue University Shooting Reported, Police Investigating [Breaking]

Purdue University Shooting Update 2:47 pm: Fox News is reporting that the shooting victim noted earlier by multiple news agencies, has died. The Indiana gunman reportedly gave himself up to police officers.

Purdue University shooting reports are currently being investigated by local police officers. The college is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. The facility’s website published an alert stating that a school shooting took place in the electrical engineering building. Indiana police officer has established a command post near the building.

The message posted on the Purdue University website reads:

“Shooting reported on campus; Bldg. Electrical Engineering; avoid area; shelter in place.”

Two college students told Journal & Courier that they saw an individual with bloody hands and heard what sounded like two gun shots. Fox News is reporting that one person associated with the incident has been taken into custody. USA Today is reporting that at least one individual was transported via ambulance to a local hospital. According to breaking news reports, at least one person was injured during the Purdue University shooting.

The Indiana college campus population includes approximately 30,000 undergraduate students. One student who was huddled inside a classroom with about 25 others told the local media that they were all “pretty nervous” about the shots being fired on campus. The initial university lockdown was cancelled after approximately two hours, but the shelter in place order for the engineering building remains in place.

A tweet by Purdue University’s @LifeatPurdue Twitter page reads:

“The EE building remains closed by police, other campus buildings are now open & the shelter in place order has been lifted.”

Purdue University student Erica Ambrose said this after about the shooting after leaving the lockdown area, “We heard shouting downstairs and it sounded like people were running through the hallways, just yelling at each other.”

The college’s policy prohibits the possession of guns on the grounds. An excerpt from the university’s gun policy reads:

“The executive vice president and treasurer or authorized representative may make reasonable search of patrons, fans, or visitors for any explosives, guns, or other deadly or dangerous materials or weapons as deemed necessary for the protection of the University Facility and its occupants.”

Check back with The Inquisitr for more information about the Purdue University shooting as details become available.