China Executes Man Who Kept Six Women as Sex Slaves

China executed a man Tuesday who kept six women as sex slaves in what is being called an underground dungeon. Li Hao, 36, reportedly lured these woman down to his dungeon underneath a basement and kept them there as his sex slaves.

According to CBS News, Li kept these women as sex slaves for periods of up to 21 months, during which time he repeatedly raped them. Reports state that Li had dug a dungeon underneath a basement that he had bought in August of 2009. Once his dungeon was completed he tricked different women who worked at massage parlors, hair salons and karaoke bars into following him down. At that point he would lock them in and begin raping them.

ABC News reported that Li was arrested in September 2011. He was a married man and had an 8-month-old son at the time. “Li was a clerk with the Luoyang technical supervision bureau, a government department which deals with quality control.”

The report continued on to say that Xinhua News Agency reported that Li was convicted of murder, rape, illegal detention, organized prostitution and manufacturing pornography for profit. “He was sentenced to death in November 2012, as well as being deprived of his political rights and fined $1,640.”

During their confinement, three of the woman who Li kept as sex slaves, reportedly were forced to kill two of the other woman who were being held captive at the time. CBS News reported that all three woman were found guilty of murder, though they were shown leniency.

“One of the women, whose surname was given as Duan, was found to have killed both women and sentenced to three years in prison, while the other two were put on probation,” Xinhua said.

The Inquisitr reported back in May on a mayor in Japan who had made a comment on sex slaves that caused quiet the controversy. Mayor Toru Hashimoto had referenced sex slaves — calling them “comfort women,” a common wartime euphemism — and said that their presence was “necessary” to offer soldiers a “rest.” He later apologized saying he had never “condoned the use of comfort women.”

Reports state that Li had hoped to make money off of the women who he had kept as his sex slaves. He had reportedly wanted to force the women into prostitution. According to ABC News, Li had forced the women to appear in “obscene webcasts from March to April 2011 and forced them to have sex with ‘customers’ from late August to early September of that year.”

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