World’s Most Interesting Man Doesn’t Always Cure Cancer: But When He Does, It’s In Dogs

The world’s most interesting man is stepping out into his newest adventure. He’s setting out to help cure cancer in dogs. Jonathan Goldsmith, the man behind the popular Dos Equis commercials and subject of some of the internets best meme’s, has teamed up with The Orvis Company to raise funds to fight canine cancer. The two are working together for the Morris Animal Foundation and are hoping to help raise $250,000 this year.

The world’s most interesting man is no stranger to fundraising and capital campaigns. In 2012, he hosted a fundraising event to support President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. Now he is turning his attention to save the dogs.

Jonathan Goldsmith is himself a dog owner, with two Anatolian German Shepherds at his side. Nothing should be a surprise when it comes to Goldsmith, but he is an avid dog lover. He cares about the Morris Foundation’s work because he himself has lost a dog to cancer.

“I’ve been a dog lover all of my life,” Goldsmith told CBS News Moneywatch. “I do everything I can to help in any way.”

And where does the world’s most interesting man live? In Vermont, of course. Vermont also happens to be home to The Orvis Company, the oldest fly fishing company in the U.S. Goldsmith and Orvis got together for Orvis’ dog photo contest to help raise money for the Morris Foundation. Their commercial features Goldsmith and his German Shepherds.

Anyone that has ever lost a dog knows how difficult it can be. But the U.S. is developing a strange and troubling trend when it comes to dog care. Owners spent $53 billion on pet care and food in 2012. While it is understandable to care for pets, there has been much debate about the ethics of spending so much money on animals when humans worldwide are struggling for appropriate healthcare.

Still, one in four dogs over the age of two will most likely develop cancer. Orvis has managed to help raise $1 million in charitable donations since 2009 when they began participating. Their dog photo contest allows visitors to vote on the dogs they think deserve to win. Voters pay $1 per vote with a $5 voting minimum.

Will the world’s most interesting man help reach the $250,000 goal set by the Morris Foundation? It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to bet against the timeless Jonathan Goldsmith.