Navorro Bowman’s Injury Is Bad, Popcorn Insult Worse, Says Richard Sherman

Navorro Bowman’s knee injury has been described as “gruesome,” with both his ACL and MCL being torn.

In a related story by The Inquisitr, Super Bowl 48 tickets prices have been growing through roof, where even the cheap seats in the upper parts of the stadium are going for more money than the “official” price for the expensive seats. And although Tom Brady told Richard Sherman he needed to be “gracious” the Patriots QB also plans on skipping watching Super Bowl 2014.

But if anyone has a right to sour grapes you’d think it’d be the San Francisco 49ers’ NaVorro Bowman. Not only did the team miss the trip to New Jersey but the game against the Seahawks left the 49ers linebacker screaming on the field from the pain of having his left knee crumpled.

Patrick Willis is one of Bowman’s teammates and he remembers that moment clearly:

“This game is huge and no one person is bigger than the game. But the bond we have is so much deeper than the game we play. I look at him as my brother, my partner in crime on the field. I know how tough he is. When he couldn’t get up on his own and I could hear him yelling… at that point in time I didn’t even care where the ball was. I was like, get out here and help him.”

Even Seahawks players like Jermaine Kearse, who was one of the men dogpiled on top of Bowman, says he’s praying for Navorro’s recovery. He even went so far as to call him a “terrific player and a great competitor” and claimed he should be a shoe-in for winning the NFL’s defensive player of the year award.

To add insult to injury, Seahawks fans began throwing food like popcorn at Navorro Bowman while he was carted off the field:

Navorro Bowman popcorn

Interestingly enough, Richard Sherman not only ranted at Erin Andrews… he’s also attacking his own fans for how they treated Bowman:

“If it’s true, it’s beyond terrible. That’s as low as it gets. I’m sure whoever did this is in a small minority of fans, because I don’t think that kind of action is an accurate representation of the character of the 12th man. NaVorro Bowman is a great player who plays the game the right way. When he went down, I dropped to a knee and prayed for him. He deserves better than having food thrown at him as he’s carted off a field. All players deserve better than that.”

The good news out of all this is that the MCL is expected to heal on its own and Navorro Bowman’s surgery to the ACL is expected to have him back on the field for the start of the 2014 season.

What do you think about how Seahawks fans treated Navorro Bowman’s knee injury?