Best Credit Cards In 2014

A roundup of some of the best credit cards in 2014 (and worst).

In a related report from The Inquisitr,2013 saw it’s fair share of the best credit cards.

There are “best credit cards” for everything these days, so this writer decided to make it easier for consumers to decide on the best credit card in 2014 for purchases, and also which credit cards to avoid.

The Good

Blue Cash Preferred

This American Express card is good if you have cash flow. Multiple percentages for cash back guarantees mean the more you use it, the better the rewards. An introductory zero percent APR is also a great deal, but be sure to realize this card only pays off if you have the cash to back it up.

BankAmericard Cash Rewards

This one is a rewards-based value and it’s ideal if, unlike the above offer, you really don’t have all that much cash flow. APR varies from 13 to 23 percent and there is no expiration on claiming your cash rewards. A great deal!

Discover It

No yearly fee and five percent cash back means this is a great middle of the road option. The freebie FICO credit score is just icing on the cake.

Capital One Venture One Rewards

If you like to travel, this “adventurer” card is just the right choice for you. 30,000 airline miles, hotel and limousine services are unique perks and no foreign fees make this the perfect travel buddy.

Citi Simplicity Mastercard

Zero percent APR for a year and a half (after which it bumps to 13 to 22 percent), no annual fees and no penalty payments for delays give testament to it’s name, Simplicity. For the no-fuss credit card owner who just wants an easy to use credit option.


According to Credit Card Chaser, based on reviews and comparison, there are also some credit cards to “avoid” in 2014.

The Bad

First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard Secured

Yes, this is a “platinum” card with all that that entails, however to get your hands on one of these you’ll have to throw down a security deposit and your line of credit will depend directly on that deposit.

American Express Serve

This isn’t even really a credit card. It’s a prepaid card linked to your bank account and is primarily used to “fix” truly horrible credit. Users can add money to the card via email or text (can you say hello identity thief). Think a debit card linked to your credit score, only with the option to ruin your credit more than it already is. Yikes!

So what do you think of the best (and worst) credit cards in 2014?