Ed Sheeran Plans To Take A Month Off After The Grammys

Ed Sheeran plans to take a month off after the Grammys have wrapped up.

Since the singer-songwriter spent a large portion of 2013 touring the world with Taylor Swift, Sheeran admitted that he needs a bit of a break before putting the finishing touches on his latest album. Ed also intends to kick off a small tour through the UK this October.

However, Ed Sheeran wants to take a well-deserved break before all of that stuff gets underway. The singer ensured his fans that something insanely nifty is heading their way once he’s finished getting his thoughts together.

Ed Sheeran previously teased that he intends to start dropping some new music online in the coming weeks. Although he said the upcoming collection of tunes is essentially finished, he still wants to spend some time in the recording studio to make sure everything is absolutely perfect before officially unleashing the record.

“I’m going to start dropping music from a couple of weeks from now. Probably with just a live YouTube video but it won’t be the main single. The main single will come after that,” the singer previously explained.

He continued, “I wanted to start teasing people with new music and them come with the serious slice of the pie in a couple of month’s time. The album is pretty much done from my end, I think it just needs to be mixed now. I’ve worked with a lot of interesting people on it.”

While Ed Sheeran won’t collaborate with Taylor Swift on the upcoming collection of songs, the singer said he’s working with Pharrell Williams and Rick Rubin to get the sound just right. In Sheeran’s opinion, the legendary producers are nothing short of musical geniuses.

However, Sheeran admitted that he was a little upset that his song “I See Fire” didn’t receive any love from the Academy Awards this year. He recently shared his disappointment with fans on Twitter.

However, he did have some good news to share about the song.

Are you looking forward to Ed Sheeran’s new album? What do you think about “The A-Team” singer taking a month off before getting back to work on the new songs?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]