New Zealand Earthquake Followed By Numerous Aftershocks

A New Zealand earthquakes is to be followed by numerous aftershocks, according to geological experts.

In a related report from The Inquisitr, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand in 2011, killing 182 people and costing the island $10 billion.

The New Zealand earthquake that hit the country yesterday was of the same magnitude on the Richter scale, coming in at 6.3 Though no injuries have so far been reported, experts at the governments’ GeoNet monitoring service report that the quake could be followed by up to 33 aftershocks of 4 to 4.9 magnitude in the next week, and potential up to five aftershocks of magnitude 5 to 5.9.

Aftershocks have already been felt in central New Zealand with more to come, according to geologists. The New Zealand earthquake went off just east of the town of Eketuna and caused no injuries. However, in its wake it left landslides, damaged roads, homes and businesses. Thousands of homes lost power in the North Island. GeoNet released a statement:

“As with any aftershock sequence, we cannot rule out the possibility of occurrence of future larger earthquakes. The aftershock region considered includes most of the lower North Island.”

Engineers are still inspecting buildings and structures for damage after the New Zealand earthquake today, and train service has been derailed for the time being. Locals describe the New Zealand earthquake:

“I’ve seen the neighbors and they’re a bit shaken up but apart from that no damage. My wife was outside in the garden and she said she couldn’t stand up and had to sit down.”

Brian Smith

“This is something I never want to have again. Felt like the roof was going to fall off.”

Tanmay Patel

“Photographs were falling off shelves and a rugby ball went flying across the room.”

Pam Lochore

One loss caused during the quakes was an enormous model eagle that was used to promote The Hobbit. Sadly, it didn’t survive it’s fall from the roof of the Wellington airport.

As New Zealand is in the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, the country experiences it’s fair share of earthquakes, up to 15,000 tremors a year. The recorded worst New Zealand earthquake in history was in Wellington in 1855 and it measured 8.2. That quake lifted land level by three meters and killed four settlers and an unknown number of Maori.

So what do you think of the New Zealand earthquake?