Justin Bieber Drops $75K In Miami Strip Club As Police Deny His Home Is A Drugs Den

Justin Bieber reportedly dropped $75K at a Miami Strip Club on Martin Luther King Day amid denials from Los Angeles police that his Calabasas house was “littered” with drugs.

The 19-year-old — who is spending time away from his home after it raided by police in search of evidence related to the egging of his neighbor’s house — is said to have attended rapper Lil Scrappy’s (real name, Darryl Kevin Richardson II), birthday party at the King of Diamonds strip venue.

The singer reportedly flew from Aspen, Colorado where he had been on a snowboarding break with friends to Miami Beach, where he was spotted going to a strip called Mansion then on to famous Urban strip club King of Diamonds.

TMZ reports, a rep from the club confirmed Justin partied with $75K in one dollar bills and had something of a blast.

Billing at the club reads,”Where the famous (and infamous) party hard in MIA. Welcome to K.O.D…Let it rain!,” so perhaps that’s only to be expected.

Justin Bieber Goes To King Of Diamonds

King of Diamonds Instagram account announces star’s arrival at the strip club.

A look at the Twitter feed at the King of Diamond, which was celebrating Martin Luther King Day, also proves revealing.

At some point last night the official Twitter account of the club announced on its timeline that Bieber had arrived, before announcing he had ordered $75K in ones.

Typically in strip clubs exotic dancers are given $1 bill when they dance for punters. The more bills they accumulate, the more a punter is said to have made it “rain.”

Messages from others at the club or those observing events on the feed seemed to indicate Bieber’s money was going a storm.

One message in particular appeared to show the results of a hard night’s raining. It’s a little graphic so we’ll just leave it here.

Bieber’s liking for strip clubs is well established.

Back in October, the teen spent big at the V Live strip club in Houston, Texas, during a visit with champion boxer pal Floyd Mayweather, reportedly asking a stripper if he could touch her posterior.

Before he hit Miami, Bieber blew off some steam, quite literally, in Aspen, by peeing in the snow.

We kid you not. The Boyfriend superstar headed for colder climes and a relaxing weekend of snowboarding with some friends including his childhood buddy Ryan Butler.

And it wouldn’t the Biebs without some sort of incident would it?

On Sunday, while travelling through Snowmass in a motorcade of Escalades, TMZ reports at one point in the journey the convoy pulled over in an upmarket, residential area.

An eyewitness told the site Bieber jumped out of one vehicles and peed in the snow while surrounded by guards. Seconds later, he was back in the transport and the party moved off.

Curiously, onlookers went to take a look at Justin’s urine, only to discover the star had marked his spot with his initials “JB.”

A picture of the bodily fluid design follows below, apparently taken by a “stunned” resident.

Justin Bieber Pisses In Snow

(Photo: Bieber signs his initials in the snow.)

If you recall last year, Bieber made headlines when he peed in a New York restaurant mop bucket before dousing former President Bill Clinton in chemical fluid and other cursing.

As usual, Justin updated fans by posting photos from his break to his Instagram account. One showed his friend, rapper Lil Za.

It’s not known if the rapper – who was allegedly found in possession of Xanax and MDMA [ecstasy] during the raid and arrested twice – also went to Aspen.

Police have said Bieber “was not connected” to the drugs found in Lil Za’s belongings.

A careful look at the picture, which is captioned “@LilZa u a** leep????,” clearly shows an exposed posterior to the right of the frame very near Za’s sleeping head. What are the odd’s it’s Bieber’s?

Lil Za And Justin Bieber

Bieber may have responded to new gossip claims – namely TMZ, Radar Online, and Page Six alleging he is a drug addict and needs rehab; it was also alleged he sent abusive and nude texts to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.- by marking Martin Luther King day with a tweet quoting the slain civil rights leader.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” – MLK.”

It’s claimed the singer’s is Actavis Prometh cough syrup from which it’s alleged he makes Sizzurp, also known as Lean.

It’s a particularly potent cough syrup, containing Promethazine hydrochloride and codeine phosphate syrup and is turned into Sizzurp by adding a candy and a fizzy drink. Apparently considered the “Champagne” of such beverages, it can reach a street value of $800 a pint and is only available by prescription in the US, or from locations outside the States.

It’s alleged Bieber gets his supply through a connection in another country and can drink up to 8 to 12 ounces a day.

As yet, no proof of his alleged dependency has emerged, and the claims could be bogus – or not.

As regards his ex-girlfriend, Selena. Radar Online alleged it has been received graphic texts purportedly showing abusive texts sent by Bieber to Selena and nude photos of himself.

As it turns out the entire text exchange was false.The story can be read here.

On Tuesday, Mail Online reported Selena’s rep, Jill Fritzo, told them the abusive, graphic texts were “Not real.”.

Currently Page Six, Radar Online, and TMZ claim sources say Justin’s team want him to get professional help and check into rehab.

Reasons claimed by Radar are treatment for behavorial issues and alleged recreational drug use. Bieber is allegedly resistant.

TMZ recently alleged his Calabasas home was “littered with drugs and drug paraphernalia” and contained a dedicated “smoking room,” “cookie jars filled with weed in plain view,” three bongs, and alleged evidence of Sizzurp use from foam cups and Fanta bottles seen at his house.

However, the Los Angeles Sheriff and Lt. David Thompson told E! News and the New York Daily News respectively that such claims were not true.

Lt. Thompson told The News he personally walked though every room in Bieber’s house.

“I didn’t see any of it,” the detective said of TMZ’s-rumored drug stash, adding, “The house was orderly. It didn’t look like a drug pad. I did[n’t] see any empty codeine bottles. I didn’t smell weed.”

A Weekend With The Boyz from Ryan Butler on Vimeo.