Apple iCloud, iOS 5, OS X Lion Will be Unveiled at WWDC

The secret is out: Steve Jobs and Apple will officially announce iOS 5, Lion (the eighth and latest version of Mac OS X), and a new product called iCloud next monday at the World Wide Developers Conference.

Very little is known about iOS 5, but there is speculation that a revamped notification system which will provide live updating information on the device’s home screen will be included.

OS X Lion is version 10.7 of Apple’s desktop operating system. Developers were given a sneak peak of it last October at a media event and discovered that many features were similar to those seen in iOS, the mobile operating system used on the iPhone and iPad.

Regarding iCloud, the general consensus is that it will likely be music streaming service but there are also rumors floating around about it being a complete revamp to MobileMe. What we do know is that Apple has wrapped up licensing agreements with three of the four top record companies, including EMI Music, Warner Music, and Sony Music. CNET reported that Apple and Universal Music, the largest of the major record companies, could ink a deal possibly soon. This would give Apple recorded-music rights to most of the popular music out there.

With this knowledge in hand, it wont be much of a surprise if a music streaming service is announced.

Apple’s opening keynote will be held Monday, June 6 at 10:00am PST.

via Gigaom