Super Bowl 2014: 48 Tickets Prices For Seahawks VS Broncos Are Crazy

Super Bowl 2014 tickets prices were already through the roof before the Seattle Seahawks VS Denver Broncos game was even announced.

In a related story by The Inquisitr, even if the game isn’t great you might find Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Super Bowl ad for beer fairly amusing. Let’s just hope we all enjoy the the Super Bowl 48 half time show featuring Bruno Mars.

Super Bowl 48 will be held in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, which is capable of holding up to 82,500 screaming (and slightly more broke) football fans. Unfortunately, while prices were only supposed to double for the high class and middle tier tickets in the end they’re still for sale via brokers for much higher than the previously announced price of $2,600. This is ironic since NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy originally claimed the decision to raise prices was to cut out the tickets brokers.

Officially, the cheapest Super Bowl 48 tickets went down in price, dropping from $600 down to $500, but those cheap seats were limited to a lotto and were good only for the upper corner of the stadium. Despite the polar vortex and all the talk about cold weather, if you head over to NFL Ticket Exchange the going price for the cheap seats is around $2,800 now, way above the official max. Other websites like are even more expensive, starting at $3,100… assuming they’re not sold out, that is.

But that almost sounds like a bargain once you hear about the more expensive seat. The lower levels of the stadium are starting at $3,637 and the seats near the 50-yard line are more than $25,500 a piece. The most expensive package so far is a Level 3 30-person suite on sale for $565,791, which amounts to $18,859.70 per person. But one of the special perks for buying these type of tickets is access to the stadium’s restaurant. (Who doesn’t get munchies when watching football?)

Crazily enough, economist Woody Eckard almost seems to be saying the Super Bowl 2014 tickets are almost a good deal:

“The stadium capacity is tiny to compared to the excess demand. They’re probably being nice guys with the current prices. They could probably charge a lot more and my guess is the reason they don’t: public relations.”

Overall, Super Bowl 2014 tickets prices are said to be $500 more per seat on average compared to 2013. You’d hope that with the increase in revenue they’d manage to keep the lights on this time around…