Polar Vortex Two? Don’t Call It A Comeback

“Polar Vortex” part two might be coming to a town near you this week. The now famous winter storm that swept through the United States at the beginning of January is preparing to make a second appearance on Tuesday. Forecasters are predicting “Polar Vortex Two” will not be as bad as the first go round, but everyone should still be prepared.

The polar vortex is actually an anchored location in the far northern hemisphere. There is clockwise flow of cold air pushing downward off the vortex, west to east for the United States, which typically sends colder fronts through the states. Actually, the polar vortex is always present, what changes is the temperature change in the air that pushes off of it.

With record lows, the winds pushing down off of the polar vortex at the beginning of January had everyone talking about the point as if it were some sort of winter monster. It seemed the phrase could be found on everyone’s lips. Photographs even began to circulate of a frozen Niagara Falls attributed to the vortex. Those photos were lated reported to be much older, but it was easy to believe given the freezing temperatures.

Round two of the colder than usual Winter continues on Tuesday when the eastern Dakotas across the middle and upper Mississippi Valley, the Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley, and the Northeast will have another brush up with polar vortex winds. Those areas are looking at temperatures 10-25 degrees lower than average. That could produce highs as low as zero during the historically coldest time of the year.

Wednesday will see the weather let up briefly, but Thursday will see another strong surge of cold air coming off the polar vortex. Indiana is expected to be hit the hardest, with highs dipping below zero as far south as areas around Indianapolis. Though it may not be the coldest spot this week, the temperatures will be far below average and could be cause for concern.

If anything is learned from the first go round in January, it would be to take proper precautions. There were more than a few stories from around the country involving deaths related to the subzero temperatures. Be sure to bundle up and prepare your home for polar vortex two this week.