MLK Day In Tweets: See The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is the day the United States government honors a civil rights pioneer.

The third Monday of January, which is usually in line with King’s Jan. 15 birthday, is set aside to reflect on a man who’s contributions to the world helped bring about real change and progress in America.

As is customary with any cultural holiday, people from all walks of life take to social media to express themselves. The Twitter hashtag of choice this year seems to be #MLKDay.

Joining global netizens are companies across the globe. Sometimes they don’t do such a hot job.

Here’s a look at some of the best and some of the worst in 2014 #MLKDay tweets.

Actor Josh Duhamel gets it right with a call to service.

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III pays simple homage to an inspiration.

Brand-wise, Forever 21 totally had it until that pic.

Popular with the same crowd, Pacific Sunwear does MLK Day without the phone case.

Marie Claire knows how to do it right.

Coca Cola’s offering smacks a bit callous; despite its good intentions, it’s a pat on the back.

The Indianapolis Zoo encouraged everyone with a day off to do some good and get rewarded.

Shoe Palace shows you can be a brand entity and show reverence. fails to accessorize with class.

Windows commemorated Dr. King with an homage on

McDonald’s engages in the same back-patting and self-promotion as the folks at Coca Cola.

Malt-o-meal manages a somewhat crass product tie-in.


Pop Chips fails pretty big with this one (wrong time for a pun)

ZZZQuil takes the cake for corporate callousness.

Did you see any memorable #MLKDay tweets?