Student Loans Cause One Graduate To Sell Ads On His Graduation Cap

Student loans cause one graduate to creatively “sell out”.

In a related report from The Inquisitr, some are saying student loan debt could case another recession.

A student of the University of Michigan-Flint says he is hoping to pay off his entire student loan debt in a unique way, by selling ad space on his graduation cap. Alex Benda, who just graduated with a business degree, is willing to split the top of his cap into 100 squares, and is offering the space to anyone or any business that wants to just go that extra mile with advertising. he square of ad space will go for $300, and if he sells all the squares, he will effectively be able to pay off his entire student loan debt. Fear is a powerful motivator, according to Alex:

“It’s scary to think I’m about to go out into this economy and try to find a job and have all this debt I’ll have to start paying. I started thinking, ‘Do I have anything available I could sell?'”

So far Alex has already sold $1,200 of ad space through

The only kind of ads he won’t accept are “crude or offensive” material. Other than that, the sky is the limit. Alex is even open to the idea of buying four tiles on the cap and putting up a little figurine.

So what do you think, care to buy ad space on a graduation cap?