Repeal The 16th Amendment Movement Gathers Steam

Three GOP Congressmen want to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment. Representative Bridenstine, Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis, and Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie introduced House Joint Resolution 104 and start the process necessary to repeal and replace the Sixteenth Amendment.The law pertains to the tax system and perhaps most importantly – the IRS.

Oklahoma Representative Jim Bridenstine is leading the charge to repeal and replace the Sixteenth Amendment. The primary goal of Bridenstine and his cohorts is to abolish the IRS. The Republican lawmaker contends that the Fourth Amendment is essentially negated by the Sixteenth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment “protect the right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, paper, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

The trio of Congressmen do not believe that abolishing the Sixteenth Amendment would be a complicated process if their plan attracts the full support of the American people. House Joint Resolution 104 would eliminate the gift and estate taxes, taxes on investment earnings, and both personal and corporate income taxes. After the legislation gains approval there would be a two year time period in which a new revenue system if crafted.

The authors and supporters of House Joint Resolution 104 do not feel that knowing exactly how the Sixteenth Amendment will be replaced has to be accomplished before repealing the amendment and abolishing the IRS. According to the Repeal 16 website, taking care of the “root problem” is the most important part of the equation. The website noted that before the Eighteenth Amendment was repealed, ending the Volstead Act (prohibition) the federal government had not yet decided how to regulate alcohol.

Tom Cryer, an American taxpayer not only fought but won a Sixteenth Amendment based case against the IRS. Cryer was charged with the failure to pay a $73,000 tab bill. The Louisiana lawyer did not file an income tax return for two years and accused the IRS of improperly disclosing his personal information. Cryer’s defense was based on the contention that the IRS cannot prove a Constitutional basis for the United States income tax system.

Cryer had this to say about the IRS system during an interview with WND:

“I think now people are beginning to realize that this has got to be the largest fraud, backed up by intimidation and extortion and by the sheer force of taking peoples’ property and hard-earned money without any lawful authorization whatsoever.”

Jim Bridenstine had this to say about the potentially landmark change to the United State government funds itself:

“The 16th Amendment should be repealed, and the IRS should be eliminated. Viable alternative plans for raising revenue fairly to support constitutionally enumerated functions of the federal government have been proposed. As long as the 16th Amendment is in place and lobbyists dominate Washington, these alternatives will never be considered. The income tax code has become too complex for citizens to understand, and the annual time and expense required to comply with the income tax code has become intolerably burdensome.”

The Repeal 16 website was created to educate voters about the repeal and replace the Sixteenth Amendment movement and as a venue to recruit volunteers to work at the grassroots level to ensure the legislation’s success.

An excerpt from the Repeal 16 website which addressed why the IRS should be abolished and the Sixteenth Amendment repealed and replaced reads:

“The data collected by the IRS is intrusive. If you’re concerned about the NSA collecting your phone calls, consider that every April 15 you hand over to the IRS data about how much money you make, where you make it, who you give it to, what you spend it on, your children and dependents, and so on. Concentrating so much power in a single agency [the IRS] is a bad design. The IRS has great discretion over how tax law is enforced – discretion that has been abused under multiple administrations, and both parties. The Tea Party suppression scandal is just the latest example of abuse. The current tax code is an incumbent’s delight. The link between the tax code, lobbying activity, political fundraising, and incumbent protection is both clear and dangerous to the nation’s future.”

The repeal and replace the Sixteenth Amendment approach is fairly simple, straightforward, and contains just three primary steps:

  • · Demand that every member of the House and Senate agree to co-sponsor the Repeal the 16th Amendment bill.
  • · Deliver that demand by writing, and emailing legislators, rallying friends, attending town-hall meetings.
  • · Engage in primary election activities against incumbents who choose to stand with the IRS and against we the people.

Do you support the repeal of the 16th Amendment and closing the IRS?

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