Kevin Smith: ‘Pawn Stars For Fanboys’ TV Series in Works

Kevin Smith has been quite the busy man over these past couple of months. He announced his retirement from filmmaking (after his next movie Hit Somebody comes out, that is), revealed his own radio station S. I. R., and now he’s apparently got a television show in the works. You’d think that he’d want to, you know, kick back and enjoy his retirement. Apparently not.

As is all the rage lately, the announcement came through on Twitter from Kevin Smith himself just yesterday. The tweet points to a Facebook page with a casting call for comic book fans age 21-35 in the New York tri-state area. They aren’t looking for actors for the role, however — they’re looking for comic book fans who “live and breathe the comic book lifestyle.”

The show will take place in Kevin Smith’s own comic book shop The Secret Stash. Going by the information found on the Facebook page posting, it appears the show will essentially be Pawn Stars for the comic book geeks. Pawn Stars has proven to be a pretty winning formula for History Channel, so it’ll be interesting to see how it will work out with comic books.

If you have a collection of rare and cool comics of your own, you’ll have the chance to head over to the comic book store and potentially appear on the show yourself. If that sounds like your sort of thing, head over to this link for more information on how you can potentially participate.