Memorial Day Heat Hospitalizes Six

As we reported earlier today, the midwest is currently experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures on this Memorial Day, with temperatures expected to reach the lower 90s before the day is over. The day isn’t quite over just yet, but unfortunately there have already been several non-fatal casualties as a result of the heat wave.

According to a report from Chicago Tribune, six people in attendance at a parade in Lockport, IL required medical attention after suffering from heat exhaustion, an extremely common sun-related illness during the summer. Two of the six people were treated and released after being treated at the scene, but the other four had to be sent off to nearby Silver Cross Hospital where they eventually stabilized.

Two others in nearby Plainfield were hospitalized at St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, IL and were treated for heat exhaustion. The two have since stabilized and have been released from the hospital.

Fortunately — or unfortunately, if you’re sick of the rain — for residents affected by the heat, thunderstorms are expected to return to the area Tuesday, with cooler temperatures to follow soon after.