Snooki Taken Into Police Custody in Italy

You probably know the cast of Jersey Shore has been classing up the Italian landscape to film the next season of their hit reality show.

Cast member Snooki, is probably the most famous of the lot due to the time she totally got punched in the face by a dude. We also recently learned that the guido queen makes more for speaking appearances than Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison. Via THG, we learn of a TMZ report that Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, was taken into custody briefly in Italy for plowing into a police car:

Sources tell TMZ that alcohol actually did not play a role in the incident, as the Jersey Shore star simply crashed into the back of the patrol car, ending up with her vehicle stuck between the cop’s ride and a highway protection wall.

JWoww was a passenger had to escape through the window. Snooki was taken to the local police station, but not formally arrested.

The adventures of the cast of Jersey Shore in Italy moves ahead.