Dallas Cowboys to do list

The Dallas Cowboys had a pretty good 2011 NFL draft, and they do not have a lot of free agent issues at their skill positions. They do however need to continue the work on their offensive line that they started by taking Tyron Smith with their first pick this year. Beyond that they have some free agency concerns along the D line especially at End, and an issue or two to work out in the running back corps.

So at offensive tackle they have three free agents including LT Doug Free. If Smith is ready to step in that position he will be the starter and Free will leave Dallas via free agency. If Smith is not ready to start the Cowboys may need to resign Free short term. Since this unit has underperformed they may be willing to not resign any of their players and bring in other options here. Of course a lot of this depends on how long teams will have to work the free agent market.

The Cowboys looked loaded at RB but they chose to draft DeMarco Murray in the third round. Since neither Felix Jones or Marion barber are free agents (that may change of course with a new CBA) but it looks like one of those guys is done in Dallas. It is hard to imagine this team carrying them two and Murray plus their backups that are still under contract through the 2011 season.

The Cowboys have larger problems at Defensive End. They did not select a D lineman in this draft, and they did not address their void at the nose tackle spot. There are three free agent ends on the roster right now, and the unit has also underperformed. I see no scenario in which the Cowboys bring back all of these free agents without trying to find an upgrade somewhere.

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