Cavs, T Wolves, and Pistons working on NBA blockbuster trade

ESPN is reporting that some talks are going down on a trade that would severely alter three team’s roster and shake up the NBA draft order as well. The Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavilers, and Detroit Pistons are working on a deal that would help each team, while may not exactly be the fairest for all parties involved. For now let us take a look at that each team would be giving up and getting:

  • Detroit Pistons– would send Rip Hamilton and the 8th overall pick to Cleveland for a big portion of their massive trade exception they got in the Lebron James affair last summer
  • Cleveland Cavaliers– the Cavs send the 8th overall pick from Detroit and their own fourth pick to Minnesota for the second over all pick. Giving the Cavs the first two picks in the draft
  • Minnesota Timberwolves– Would end up with the fourth and eight overall picks

Why this trade makes no sense is the Pistons are essentially trading a guy and a high draft pick for nothing. So the T Wolves or the Cavs would have to throw in a player or two for them to save a little face. It does make sense for the Pistons to do whatever is necessary to dump Hamilton who has been a locker room cancer.

For the Cavs, who would likely buy out Hamilton and use the first two picks to begin a rebuild project for their team this trade makes perfect sense. For the T Wolves it gets them out of a position to draft Derrick Williams and gives them a great shot at Enes Kanter with the 4th pick and many options at pick #8.