Jim Tressel resigns from Ohio State

As a native of the State of Michigan, and big time Wolverine fan I have to try and not gloat so much as I report this story. Jim Tressel has resigned as the Head Football Coach at Ohio State University. Jim got caught up in a scandal about his players trading sports memorabilia for tattoos. Much Like Richard Nixon it was not the crime that brought Tressel down, but the cover up. He was aware of what was going on and choose to lie about it to the NCAA.

This underscores a larger problem in College Football. While the players do receive a free education (in most cases) they have no money to spend (IE no pocket money) and that leads to tempting offers from agents and improver conduct like went on at Ohio State. I applaud the Big Ten for looking into giving their student athletes some spending money to help alleviate these kinds of situations.

Tressel got the dreaded show of support from Ohio State last week, and the thought here is the two sides were negotiating a buy out for the good of the program. Since then some reports have come out that Ohio State may not owe Tressel a dime. His contract had a clause in it that would not require the University to pay him any remaining money should be resign. Now technically he resigned, but more to the point he was fired. I would encourage Ohio State to pay him enough money to go away quietly and allow the football program to begin building for its 2011 season.

Tressel has been suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season, but a ruling has not come down on the rest of this mess. I expect some very harsh penalties to come for Ohio State. At the very least they will have to forfeit all of their 2010 wins since they knowingly used ineligible players. Whatever the case, it is time fro Ohio State to start writing its next chapter.