Pregnant Nun Roxana Rodriguez: ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, I Only Felt A Stomach Pain’

A pregnant nun, from the Italian town of Rieti, gave birth to a baby after stating that she didn’t know she was pregnant. She said, after entering hospital, that she was having severe abdominal pains, which she assumed were stomach cramps.

When the stomach cramps turned out to be a baby boy, the nun, Roxana Rodriguez – and most other people – was shocked. The 31-year-old nun, originally from El Salvador, who belonged to a convent in Rieti, said she had absolutely no idea whatsoever that she was pregnant, suggesting that, perhaps, it was an ‘immaculate conception.’

Just to make sure she covered that base, the naughty nun decided to name the baby boy Francis, after the current Pope,- a good move, we think.

Soon after the controversial news broke in Italy, the mayor of Rieti, Simone Petrangi, appealed to local residents to respect the nun’s privacy. However, a number of local residents clubbed together, and sent clothes and donations to the hospital where the nun gave birth.

She said, following the birth of her son Francis: “I did not know I was pregnant. I only felt a stomach pain.” The question is: Are we buying it, people?

It was reported that the other nuns at the convent expressed their complete shock at the strange pregnancy of their holy sister. A local pastor, Don Fabrizio Borrelio, said that to his mind the nun was telling the truth. and had no idea she was pregnant.

So you may want to ask the pertinent question here: What do they put in the water in Rieti? But before you do, you may be surprised to learn that, in fact, a British Medical Journal revealed that, according to a study, one in 200 woman in America claim to have given birth without having had intercourse.

Either way, the controversy surrounding the nun birth has caused a lot of commotion in Catholic circles in Italy. The best part about it is that, even though the nun gave birth ‘in sin’, her local community, after the fact, rushed to aid and support her.

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