Naked Woman On Reddit Explains Gnome Fixation In Nude Shots

Jonathan Vankin

A naked woman on the popular internet forum Reddit is not such an unusual thing to see. The site has an entire sub-group known as "gw," which is short for "gone wild," a title inspired it would seem by the notorious Girls Gone Wild video series. The gw forum features naked woman after naked woman who has uploaded pictures of herself.

But one naked woman out of this lot stood out last year. The woman calls herself Aella and her gimmick is to pose nude while being assaulted by evil lawn gnomes.

We can't link to the pictures here, because they are, needless to say, NSFW. Interviewed by The Daily Dot, Aella said that she is contunually searching for new, outrageous ways to make posing nude online interesting. her first attempt was to do it in mime makeup.

"I actually just got really drunk one night, looked over, and saw a tube of white face paint (from Halloween), and figured I should put it on my face," the Portland, Oregon, woman said, quoted on the Uproxx web site. "And then, next thing you know, I'm trapped in invisible boxes and humping chairs."

Her mime-as-naked-woman gimmick proved bot only popular, but a moneymaker. On various internet sites where people go to see naked women, she was able to charge viewers hefty sums for the privilege of viewing her act.

Eventually, she says, she was making bigger paychecks, than if she "had gone to college and had worked at a regular job after that for 10 years."

Posing as a naked woman on the internet is likely an act of rebellion for Aella, who says she was raised as a fundamentalist Christian by a father whom she now describes as "unhealthy" and "judgmental."

"I memorized nearly a thousand Bible verses during this time," she says of her upbringing. "I didn't know anyone who wasn't Christian."

After she grew tired of the mime act, she got the idea that lawn gnomes would make interesting photo companions. She created a series of shots in which the gnomes attack and ravage her. The sequence was an instant Reddit sensation and made her the gw forum's most popular naked woman in 2013.

No small feat when you consider that the forum has over 500,000 members.

"People are so used to watching girls take themselves seriously when it comes to sexuality," she told The Daily Dot. "I don't care about looking pretty. I care about making people laugh. People need to realize you're a human being."

Aella, pictured above, also has an active Twitter account on which she posts more pictures of herself, not all of them as a naked woman, some surpisingly as a fully or at least mostly clothed woman.