Larry Flynt: Hustler Magazine Won’t Exist In Another Year Or Two

Larry Flynt says the end is near for Hustler magazine.

With circulation on the controversial skin-baring magazine dipping below 100,000 a month, Flynt acknowledged that it may be time for the print magazine to come to a conclusion, though he did intend on keeping the publication on in a new format.

“I don’t think Hustler will exist another two or three years from now,” Flynt told Erin Moriarty on CBS Sunday Morning.

Hustler will instead be making a move online, Larry Flynt said, with a virtual version set to launch in a month.

So Flynt plans to take the adult material online in a virtual version he plans to start in a month.

Though Larry Flynt launched Hustler and toiled through court battles and public attacks, he said he’s not too broken up to see it go out of print.

“I treat Hustler the same way as I would if it was a jar of peanut butter or a can of green beans,” Flynt says. “You know, it’s a product and when you’re not making money, you got to move on.”

Flynt still has plenty of other projects working. He has put great effort into his California casino, and looks to expand his gambling empire with another casino purchase in Arizona.

“Had I known that casinos would be as lucrative as they were, I would have gotten into them long before I did,” he tells CBS. “It’s been very profitable.”

In New York, Flynt’s Hustler Club is planning a weeklong celebration for Super Bowl XLVII that includes extended hours, gourmet complimentary buffet, and “beautiful entertainers” from across the United States.

Larry Flynt also plans to keep the club open until 4 am after the Super Bowl, with private rooms and a heated roof deck with cigars available for fans and players on the winning team.