Justin Bieber Engulfed In Egg-Gate, Sizzurp, Rehab Rumors But 'Worried Bout Nothing'

If recent reports about Justin Bieber's alleged drug abuse, specifically, regular consumption of a particularly potent form of "sizzurp" or "lean"- Actavis prometh with codeine syrup - are on the money: the saga that is "We need to talk about Justin" just took a dangerous leap.

Despite coming off over a year or so of at times entertaining, occasionally gross, frequently bizarre exploits, the general consensus has been Bieber is just having fun, is immature, must have been tipsy, stoned, or simply a brat. Now, the talk is deadly serious in the wake of the dramatic police raid on the 19-year-old's Calabasas, California home looking for evidence that might connect the suspected teen to the egging of his neighbor's house on January 9.

During the raid, Bieber's live-in friend - the rapper Xavier "Lil Za" Smith - was arrested on suspicion of felony drug possession for MDMA (a form of ecstasy) - and Xanax, but it is not seen as "connected" to the teen star according to authorities.

However, even though Lil Za admitted the drugs were his, rumors of the "Beauty and A Beat" star allegedly using drugs haven't lessened.

A new report from TMZ claims Justin's team and others are urging the star to enter rehab over concerns he is developing an addiction to codeine, but have been unable to convince him to seek professional help or consider rehab.

Citing unnamed sources the site alleges Justin uses a potent type of "sizzurp" - a narcotic beverage that mixes codeine, promethazine, and soda. It's claimed Bieber regularly drinks "Actavis Prometh," a medicinal cough syrup containing codeine and is only available with a prescription in the US, or from locations outside the States.

The so-called "champagne of sizzurp" or "millionaires cough syrup" is reportedly popular in circles the singer runs in and costs around $800 for a pint. The site's sources allege Bieber uses a connection who obtains it in another country.

In addition, it's claimed the Canadian takes prescription pills including Xanax, alcohol and marijuana, but has never taken cocaine.

These claims follow two Believe tour bus drug busts, a recent airport find of marijuana in an entourage member's baggage in Australia, the sighting of a "Double Cup" (reportedly a code for "lean") image on Justin's skateboard half-pipe at Calabasas, and an ever-expanding list of eyebrow raising behavior that appears to be accelerating in both alleged criminality and consequence.

Justin Bieber Double Cup Tagged On Half-Pipe

(Photo: Bieber's Half-Pipe Ramp At His Calabasas,California Home, showing a "Double Cup" Image In Far Upper Left.)

"Sizzurp" is reported to be a dangerous narcotic that can cause seizures, Sleep Apnea --- where breathing stops while asleep --- and can touch off Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS), a rare but potentially life-threatening reaction to taking neuroleptic agents. Symptoms range from abnormal thinking, fever, stiff muscles, confusion, fast or irregular heartbeat, and sweating.

The rapper Lil Wayne, a friend of Justin's who featured on his Journals track "Backpack," admitted the cough syrup concoction was the cause of his hospitalization last March and it's a drug that's felled bigger and badder characters than Bieber. Last September, the Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane was admitted to a psychiatric unit, later revealing he had been addicted to "lean" for 10 years.

Jan Smith, the singer's ex-vocal coach, unexpectedly took to Twitter on Saturday to ask fans to support Justin through prayer. Smith did not confirm or deny drug abuse claims, but said of recent negative comment that the focus should be on helping rather than mocking a young person.

Meanwhile, Bieber has more to allegedly worry about. He is a suspect in the ongoing felony vandalism and assault investigation.

CNN reports the singer's iPhone and hard drives from his home security surveillance system were seized during the search.

Over the coming days, police hope to definitively identify the egg-thrower (s.) The incident is said to have caused an alleged $20,000 in damages, which brought it under felony criteria. If Bieber is charged and convicted of the felony, he would be liable to the unlikely endgame of prison or other sanctions.

Currently in Aspen, Colorado, snowboarding with a group of pals, Justin posted a gallery of Instagrams from the trip. One showed him performing to French Montana's 2013 hit "Ain't Worried Bout Nothing."

Given the just off the press TMZ report alleging Bieber's house contains a room designated for drug use, not worrying would make him a minority of one. In short, if Justin is allegedly addicted to sizzurp and refusing rehab; his career, health, and life are in danger.

If he isn't, he should sue.