Arlington Ladies Attend Memorial Day Funerals For Veterans

The Arlington National Cemetery on an average day will lay 30 soldiers down and with those funerals come The Arlington Ladies a group of women who make it their mission to attend every single veterans funeral to ensure a civilian witness is present and on Memorial Day they have made it their duty to attend every single one of those events.

The Early Show co-anchor Jeff Glor said on Memorial Day that the women attend “to say, on behalf of the military and their country, ‘You are not forgotten.”

The women not only bring a special feel to Memorial Day ceremonies but many of them served in the military themselves or they are related to someone who has.

Not only do the Arlington Ladies attend those funerals they often hand the family a letter from the Army Chief of Staff and provide their own thanks for the service to our countries those men and women have provided.

The tradition began in 1948 and if you were to visit Arlington National Cemetery today you would see the women honoring the vets today.