Bachelorette: Ashley Herbert Begs Bentley Williams to Stay

In case you missed the first episode of this year’s Bachelorette, Ashley Herbert seriously needs to have her douche radar checked. The Maine native is falling for Bentley Williams, a contestant who doesn’t have the slightest interest in having anything other than sex with her.

“I came in not thinking Ashley was attractive at all,” Bentley tells the cameras. “Having her tickle my pickle, that’s like the extent in terms of my interest. She’s just not my type. Cute girl, I’d call her a cute girl, but not an Emily!”

After Herbert begged him to stay on the show

“You need to stop talking and listen to me now,” Ashley continues. “If you feel something for me, please stick around. I wish you could sit inside of me and know. Please, please, please stick around. Please, please, please.”

the cameras intereviewed Bentley only to have him say:

“There’s no question that Ashley doesn’t have the check list that I’m looking for in a future wife, I could give a f*** about her.”

It’s going to be interesting to see if she keeps him around despite his obvious lack of interest in her.

via Hollywoodlife