Naked Woman With Angel Wings Says She Was Nude 'Because I'm Stupid'

A naked woman, wearing only a pair of angel wings, was arrested Tuesday morning in Arkansas, and when police asked Christine Lawrence why she chose to parade around in public nude, she told them simply, "because I'm stupid."

As reported in the Arkansas newspaper, The Baxter Bulletin, police were first alerted to the situation by the newspaper itself. Someone there called the cops to report a naked woman with angel wings on her back bothering a newspaper employee, asking if the employee had been "saved."

So perhaps the naked woman, the 47-year-old Lawrence, was on a some sort of religious mission? If so, she wouldn't say. She also refused to put on any clothing for several hours after her arrest, forcing officers to wait before they were finally able to talk her into donning some duds so they could snap the above mug shot.

A Baxter Bulletin delivery carrier was in the process of loading her vehicle with papers for her morning route when she spotted a naked woman in the newspaper facility's parking lot.

"I could tell she didn't have any clothes on at all," Debbie Donovan told the paper's reporters. "All she had on was suede boots, that's all. I thought this was the craziest thing I've ever seen."

Police finally caught up to the naked woman. What happened next was described by officer Nathan Litty in his police report, helpfully posted on line by The Smoking Gun web site.

Litty, who arrived with his partner Rodney Wiggins said he was "dispatched to 7th Street in the area of the fire department for a female walking down the middle of the road with nothing on besides angel wings."

Litty wrote that when he approached the naked woman at "the corner of Circle Drive and Gray Street," she ran inside her house which is located at 898 Circle Drive. But she left the front door open, though the woman remained naked through her entire encounter with police.

When Litty and Wiggins went inside, Lawrence fled into her bedroom and tried to slam the door on the officers. They had to restrain her before they were able to place her under arrest.

Lawrence was charged with indecent exposure and resisting arrest. She was held on $790 bond.

Tuesday was actually the naked woman's 47th birthday, but she also would not say if going outside in her birthday suit was her way of celebrating her the occasion.

In fact, she refused to give any coherent explanation of why she insisted on appearing naked in public — a bad dream for most people — and remaining a naked woman albeit without angel wings even while in jail.

"I asked her why she was walking around naked," Lt. Danielle Campfield, a jail officer, told the Bulletin. "She said, 'Because I'm stupid.' "