Duke Nukem limited edition includes free graphics card

Getting a game home to find you lack the correct hardware to play is an experience most PC gamers can relate to. Duke Nukem Forever‘s solution? Sell the game with a graphics card.

The ‘Duke’s Fully Loaded Package’ version of the game is a special edition without the usual crappy figurines or medallions. Rather, this bundle comes with:

* Limited Edition EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Duke Nukem Graphics Card
* Full Version of Duke Nukem Forever
* The History, Legacy and Legend of Duke Nukem Forever Art Book
* Limited Edition Duke Nukem Forever Mousepad
* Custom Duke Nukem “Radioactive” Belt Buckle

There’s no word on price yet, so we’ll have to wait before judging the value of this. Suffice to say the GTX 560 boasts a Core Clock Speed of 810 Mhz, which is far more than DNF will require (we’re not exactly talking Crysis 2-level visuals here).

[Via Ripten]