Randy Moss New York Jet?

I would have though Randy Moss’ burnout with the Tennessee Titans would have scared off every other NFL team from getting this guy on their roster, more importantly a lesson learned about keeping this guy out of your locker room. However those lovable fools over at the New York Jets think bringing a guy like this into the mix could get them over the top and into the Super Bowl. There is no way I would bring Moss in if it was my decision, but the Jets think they know how to press his buttons and keep him motivated.

Said Jets owner Woody Johnson:

There’s no question that Randy Moss has the capability, has the God-given talent to be a superstar, and he has been a superstar, particularly with the Patriots. That’s about all I can say about him, other than I admire his skill and what he’s accomplished during those years.

This of course follows comments by Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan last month. Since a good deal of the Jets wide out corps will be free agent when the NFL gets back to business they may have a point. Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, and Brad Smith are all free agents. The Jets of course would like to bring back one or two of them but Randy Moss when he is right is probably still a clear upgrade over them.

However, it seems very risky to bring a guy like Moss in. Maybe Ryan is the big personality that could keep Moss in line. Bill Belichick was able to do this in New England for the most part, but considering the Jets still have a young QB I would not make this move.