Eric Bana Red Carpet Pics: Australian Film Industry Awards

The stars all five of them of the Australian Film Industry were out in force in Melbourne Australia, last night for the Australian Film Industry Awards.

Eric Bana and Guy Pearce were this year’s big names in attendance with Eric Bana walking the red carpet with wife Rebecca.

Highlights from the Awards included:

Heath Ledger being posthumously awarded the international award for best actor for his portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight. Heath’s family said when accepting the award, “We are so proud of him and humbly accept this award on behalf of his beautiful daughter, who we will cherish forever.” Obviously they had forgotten her name, poor Matilda. Someone should let Michelle Williams know about this sentiment as there is no love lost between them, and perhaps now the Ledger family might allow Matilda to inherit what is rightfully hers.

And of course it wouldn’t be an Australian awards night without someone telling someone else to get F%^&*. This year that duty was fulfilled by the screenplay co-writer of the Best Picture, Black Balloons.

During his acceptance speech for best original screenplay, Jimmy The Exploder, aka Jimmy Jack, told a film critic to “Get F%^$ed.” Whist we are sure it made him feel better, no one went to see his movie anyway.

The AFI’s unlike the British Awards (BAFTAs) and the Golden Globes are no prediction for the Oscars, because the Australian film industry is crap. Have you seen the movie Australia? No didn’t think so, like you, I went and saw James Bond instead.