NVIDIA To Push Lower Cost USB Powered Active Shutter 3D Glasses

NVIDIA is expected to make a larger push on their 3D Vision platform at this year’s Computex by offering a pair of wired LCD active shutter 3D glasses.

The new glasses reduce price by adding a 10-foot USB cable to the mix while ditching IR sync tech glasses that also require batteries to operate. For the pain of USB use the glasses do provide a cheaper price point and do not require batteries.

The push probably won’t be great for watching movies and 3D TV with your friends however the company can use the technology to push a cheaper alternative for PC gaming or watching a Blu-ray 3D movie on a users laptop.

The cost for the new eye-wear is just $99, that’s a $50 savings over the wireless price of $149, while the amount saved in batteries will push the savings even higher.

The new option will go on sale in “late June.”