Trayvon Martin A Knockout Game King, George Zimmerman The Victim?

Was Trayvon Martin a knockout game king and George Zimmerman the real victim? That’s how some in the media are now portraying history…

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Trayvon Martin’s mother wants her son to be remembered as a symbol as Martin Luther King Jr. day approaches:

“There should not become a time when we are comfortable with burying our children. What happened many miles away in Sanford should be uncomfortable for you. But is it the hoodie that really made the difference? Or the color of his skin? And if by one second, just by one mere second, we think that it’s the color of his skin, then something is wrong with America.”

Some people seem to think Trayvon left a different type of legacy. During the George Zimmerman trial some focused on Trayvon Martin’s drugs and guns photos found in his cell phone records and claimed the man was merely a thug. Others pointed out how Trayvon Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, became rich due to merchandising and million dollar lawsuits. His legacy was trashed even further when some people claimed Trayvon a “bigot” for thinking Zimmerman might be gay.

To make matters worse, a whistleblower named Ben Kruidbos linked Trayvon to marijuana and various other things. But he tried to provide these documents to George Zimmerna’s defense team without the State Attorney’s office approval. For this, Kruidbos was fired and called “abhorrent,” “untrustworthy,” and “unscrupulous.” While these documents wouldn’t have altered the outcome of the trial, they were never allowed to be considered.

Trayvon Martin

Now the knockout game has been in the news a lot lately. The idea is that a group or an individual targets the first person they see and attempts to knock the unsuspecting person unconscious with just one punch. Media reports have focused on “black mobs” going after Jews when targeting people. There is also a book that documents the trend toward violence called “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.”

But now WND writer Jack Cashill has taken one step further and linked Trayvon Martin to the knockout game:

“Even when local TV stations cover the [knockout game] incidents… they are careful to avoid even hinting at a racial motive. The media’s collective failure to acknowledge the racial nature of the Knockout Game enabled them to turn would-be knockout king Trayvon Martin into a martyr and his victim, George Zimmerman, into a racist vigilante. If he had not had an audience, Trayvon Martin would likely have made it back safely to the townhouse where he was staying in Sanford, Fla., that rainy night in February 2012. Martin’s audience consisted of one person, the sassy, defiant, plus-sized Rachel Jeantel who talked to Martin by phone throughout the encounter. There is no reason to believe anything Jeantel said about the confrontation between Martin and Zimmerman save for her spectacularly un-coached recollection of how Martin first described Zimmerman, namely as a ‘creepy ass cracker.’ In sum, Martin saw Zimmerman not as the hulking vigilante the media did but as a vulnerable, possibly gay white man nearly half-a-foot smaller than he.”

This seems like quite a reach considering the knockout game implies someone is purposefully targeting another for an attack. If anything, the evidence from the Zimmerman trial seems to indicate they were both victims of circumstance, where both may have been assuming the worst of the other.

Speaking of George Zimmerman, his “legacy” since the trial has also gone through interesting times. During the trial Trayvon Martin’s family attacked his supporters. When George saved a family from a crashed SUV, some people called him a hero (and were worried about receiving death threats because of the incident). But then George ended up in a dark place, divorcing his wife Shelly and then getting into fights with his new girlfriend. He’s even had a singer named Sanchez write a song about him saying he can’t run from God.

George Zimmerman’s Twitter account has also been very active lately. He claims he’s suing NBC for defamation, and he blames much of his current trouble on the media:

How do you think Trayvon Martin should be remembered: victim, thug, or other?