Adam Lanza: Hard Drive Videos Showed Child Being Shot, Pedophile Material

Adam Lanza’s hard drive depicted a variety of strange things, from a video showing children being shot to materials supporting pedophile rights (as in, not child pornography).

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Adam Lanza’s radio station call occurred a year before the Newtown shooting and was just plain creepy.

Even after all this time Adam Lanza’s motive isn’t known. Although investigators have recovered a diverse set of evidence from Nancy Lanza’s home there still is a lingering uncertainty when it comes to the case. One thing for certain we do know is that Lanza went out of his way to physically destroy one of his computer hard drives… and this information was never recovered.

Anyone who is in the IT might raise an eyebrow at hearing that bit of news. While SSD hard drives are easy to kill the older, platter-based hard drives can go through fires, beatings, and submersion and the data experts can typically recover something. This lack led to many Adam Lanza hard drive conspiracy theories that claimed the FBI was hiding something, although new reports say the hard drive platters were “intentionally scratched repeatedly” which explains a lot.

Regardless of the unrecoverable hard drive, what police did find was just as chilling as anything you might imagine is hiding in the other. In addition to the videos already mentioned, Lanza kept movies depicting mass shootings, the Columbine school shooting, and gunshot suicides. He also had two photos of himself holding a weapon to his own head, once with a handgun and once with a rifle.

Besides video and photos he enjoyed playing a video called School Shooter that apparently is as bad as it sounds. There were also documents and spreadsheets listing the names of mass murder events, information about the incidents, and the prerequisites for carrying them out. Outside of the electronic evidence, he also had newspaper articles about school shootings ranging from 1891 to 2008. There was also a physical photo of a dead person covered in blood and wrapped in plastic.

The computer and Adam’s room was apparently his whole life. He refused to speak to Nancy Lanza personally, covered his windows with black trash bags, and communicated via email. So Adam Lanza’s hard drive being destroyed leaves a gaping hole that some people have filled with speculation. For example, the Daily Beast believes the Sandy Hook shooting was a sexual act with a gun:

“So maybe 20-year-old Adam Lanza was a kind of pedophile whose idea of having sex with kids was to shoot them…. Among the items the report says detectives found in Lanza’s room were ‘materials regarding the topic of pedophilia and advocating for rights for pedophiles.’ The report adds, ‘Not child pornography.’ But maybe Lanza’s equivalent of kiddie porn was a five-second dramatization of children being shot that was found among this things at home.”

What do you think Adam Lanza’s motive was?