French Parliament Protest: Giant Horse Manure Pile Dumped At Bourbon Palace

Nathan Francis

It's not clear exactly what the horse manure protest at the French Parliament was trying to accomplish, but the nation is currently operating as the Fifth Republic, started by Charles de Gaulle in 1958.

Hollande has come under fire in France for his 75 percent tax and a recently uncovered affair with a much younger actress. Reports of the affair led to Hollande's long-term girlfriend, Valierie Trierweiler, to be hospitalized. The actress allegedly involved in the affair, Julie Gayet, is also threatening to sue the magazine that published photos her Hollande leaving her apartment building.

Even former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, himself no stranger to scandal, has criticized Hollande for being so "ridiculous" as to leave the woman's apartment in his motorbike helmet. Many now believe Sarkozy will seek re-election in 2017, when he could again face Hollande.

Some believe the horse manure protest isn't necessarily a call to revolution --- the Sixth Republic --- but may just be a general call for Hollande to leave office.

The horse manure protest at the French Parliament could have been much worse. Police arrested the man before he could finish dumping the horse poop on the steps of the Bourbon Palace. Clean-up crews were put to work shoveling the steaming pile and moving it out of the street.