Mardy Gilyard on his way out of St. Louis

Joshua Lobdell

I don't even know what to say about this one.... but since they pay me to write about this kind of stuff I guess I better figure it out. It looks like Mardy Gilyard may have asked the St. Louis Rams for a trade. This may have occurred during the brief period when the courts lifted the NFL lockout, and teams and players scrambled to get a little business done. If this rumor is true, we have got to think Gilyard may have just ended his NFL career.

Let us take a look at why this is such a ridiculous story. Gilyard was a fourth round pick by the Rams in 2010. This was a team literally starved for wide out help and yet Gilyard could not break into the starting rotation. The Rams gave him ample opportunity to earn playing time but he failed and rode the bench for 2010. In the end he caught 6 passes for 63 yards and returned 16 kicks. Showing no signs of a bright future the Rams turned around this year and drafted more receivers to come in and help a severely depleted WR corps.

A guy that could not make it into games with a young QB and no WR help on the roster is not a guy other teams will want. Granted Gilyard has probably seen the light that his NFL future in not in St. Louis, but who is going to trade anything for this guy? Since I am not on the ground in St. Louis I have no idea what the deal here is, but it sounds like a kid with no work ethic, who possibly has a bad attitude and all that is a big red flag that this is not a kid any team will want on their roster.