Official Gears of War 3 Campaign Trailer

Our very first look at Gears of War 3‘s undoubtedly epic singleplayer campaign debuted during the UEFA Champion League soccer finals last night between Barcelona and Manchester United. If you’re not much of a soccer fan or you just missed it, the trailer is now available on the web for your viewing pleasure.

Gears of War fans have already had the chance to sample the game’s multiplayer offerings, with a successful beta running since April 18 on up until recently. The trailer highlights something we haven’t seen much since the game’s announcement, and lets us in a bit on just how the conclusion to the epic trilogy will play out — and, going by the trailer, it looks like we have quite a lot in store for us.

The trailer shows us many of the game’s epic set pieces, new and improved baddies for Marcus and crew to take down, and even a glimpse of a character previously assumed to be dead. Things are going to get pretty wild in the final chapter, basically.

If the end of the Gears of War 3 beta left you needing your fix, this trailer will just have to do until the game releases this September.